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Student Worker Guide: Home


Welcome to the library! This website is a spot for everything you will need as a student worker for the Irving Shapiro Library at the American Academy of Art. 

You should get in the habit of logging into the website every time you work a shift so that you track what you did for the day in your Daily Log. It's also a great tool if you don't remember how to do a certain task, or have a question when the librarian is unavailable.

Irving Shapiro Library

Need help conducting research, finding a book, or writing? Contact the library!

Phone: 312-697-3149
or stop by!

Library Hours

Monday - Thursday
7:45 am - 5 pm

Common Questions

“I can’t log into the database, what’s the password?” 

  • Online database / LIRN Login
  • Username: 24971
  • Password: aaart

“The temperature is really cold / hot”

  • Student workers can change temperature, do not let students change the temperature on their own

"OOPs! There was a spill"

  • Go down to the lobby on the ground floor, and ask the building receptionist to send a janitor. Let the front desk know that a janitor will be comming up. 

“I have an MLA question…”

  • Depending on how comfortable you are with APA, if it’s a simple question, go for it! Otherwise, direct the students to the Writing Resource Center. 

"Can I use a required textbook / reference book?"

  • Required textbooks and reference books are located on the shelf behind the library desk.
  • Located the book for the student, and then take the student's ID in exchange for the book. Place the student's ID on the table with a sticky note indicating the title of the book.
  • Remind the student that required textbooks / reference books can only be used in the library.
  • Scan the barcode of the book for "In-House Circulation" 

The printer is jammed.

  • Try to unjam the printer first. If the printer jams more than 2 times during your shift, put up a sign that says the printer is out-of-order and send an email to IT ( and the librarian. 

 Students being loud.

  • This is up to your discretion. If there is a group of people being loud, but there is no one else in the library, I usually let it go, but if there is someone being loud and you can see other students actively studying, please let the noisy individuals know. You can either: 1) shush them (politely, of course!) or 2) physically walk up to them and ask them to quiet down so others can study.

Who to Contact for Help

For paper and other supplies, dial 0 and have the receptionist page a student worker. You may also be able to reach them directly by calling the supply room, ext. 127.

For copier, printer, or network problems, contact IT at ext. 168. Please be sure to record these in your daily log, too.

If you have an emergency, contact Duncan Webb, Academic Dean at ext. 124 or text the librarian.

If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, please put them in your daily log and the librarian will respond during their next shift.