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Student Worker Guide: Tasks

Library Student Worker Tasks

There are a variety of things that need to be done each day to keep the library running in a user-friendly manner. Of course, some days some of these tasks are not applicable. For example, if no magazines have been delivered, it’s impossible to process them. Below is a checklist of things that are required for you to complete every day. 

Shift Tasks (All Library Student Workers)

  • Check your university email and post-it notes for projects
  • Keep track of library usage on the Library Usage Tracker to the left of the computer.
  • Reshelve books that are placed on the book cart next to the library desk. They will be placed in a spot called, “Books to be Reshelved”. Make sure you are comfortable with how to read Library of Congress Call Numbers before you begi
    • Before shelving, check all books for pen/pencil writing. Report books that have been vandalized to the librarians and set them aside with a post-it note
  • Process magazines that are placed on the book cart next to the library desk. They will be placed in a spot called, “Magazines to Be Processed”
  • Make sure all shelves are tidy (straightened, not too full, all books lined up at the front of the shelf)
  • Check books in and out to patrons, 
  • Assist students who need help locating materials, tech support, etc.
  • Refill supplies: mints, earplugs, staplers, tape, etc.
  • Text or call the librarians if you have any questions or concerns during your shift
  • Student workers, if you are done with your library tasks, you may study at the main desk until closing procedures commence

Morning Shift

  • Fill the printer up with both 8.5 x 11 paper and 11 x 17 paper. If no paper is available, call the receptionist and ask for a student worker to bring more paper, whichever size you need.
  • Walk through the library and put all un-shelved or misplaced items on shelving cart
  • Walk through signs and see if everything is relevant or could use re-vamping
  • Wipe down each table, including librarian desk

Evening Shift

  • Let patrons know you are closing 15 minutes before close
  • Make sure all required textbooks are returned
  • Wipe door handles with Clorox wipes
  • No trash on tables or on the floor
  • Chairs pushed in
  • Delete files off of all library computers. This includes files on the desktop, in My Documents, and in Downloads.
  • Turn off all computers (except the printer computer)
  • Close the library at 7:00pm. Turn off all lights and close and lock the library door with the key available at the front desk if the librarian did not already lock the door.
  • NO ONE is allowed to stay in the library or quiet room after library hours (Including student workers)
  • Do not lock up the library before the library’s normal hours unless told otherwise
  • On Thursdays: Wipe down all computer keyboards and mice with Clorox wipes, including the library desk computer