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Student Worker Guide: TimeSheets

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

This Google Calendar includes all library student workers’ scheduled shifts and approved absence coverages. It may also include unplanned absence coverages, depending on how soon the librarian was notified. Please keep an eye on the Library Student worker Google Calendar to ensure that you do not arrive late or miss a shift. If you spot an error, please contact the librarian. If you would like to change a shift, do not change shifts with another library student worker. Instead, please submit a planned absence request.

Schedule Procedures

Planned Absences

If you are unable to work your scheduled hours due to a scheduled absence, you must request approval by emailing and explaining the reason for your requested absence to You must submit a planned absence request for approval at least one week ahead.

The librarian will inform you if your absence is approved or not. If it is, the librarian will note the coverage by another library student worker in the shared Google Calendar. Scheduled absences include: vacation, visiting family, a school field trip, or a shift at another workplace. They do not cover simply not wanting to work your shift.

By requesting a scheduled absence with the librarian, please be aware that there is no guarantee that you will be able to make up the missed hours later on. You take the risk of losing these hours and money by requesting a scheduled absence.

Unplanned Absences

If you are unable to work your scheduled hours due to an illness, accident, or any other emergency, you are expected to contact the librarian by sending an email explaining your absence to The sooner you can provide notice, the better.

Please stay open and willing to cover for other library student workers when they have an approved planned absence. This is a great opportunity to increase your hours and make a bit more money!

Late Arrivals

Most library student worker shifts are unsupervised, so it’s very important that you arrive on time for all scheduled shifts. Arriving late or not at all is not just an inconvenience to the person working the previous shift; in many cases it may also mean that the library must be closed altogether. Closing the library early is a very big disservice to our patrons, and it must not happen often.

You have two times that you are allowed to leave early or arrive late. After the two times have been used up, you will be put on probation. After the next tardy arrival, absence, or early leave without proper notification, you will be dismissed as a student worker.



Start and end times should be rounded to the quarter hour (eg. 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45).Timesheets must be signed by the student in order to be processed.

Students are responsible for the accuracy of their timesheets and ensuring that they get completed on time so that they will be paid.

Paychecks are issued every other Friday. Your first paycheck will be in paper form. It must be picked up in person by visiting Rick Jouza (Comptroller). Afterward this initial check, if you have filled out the paperwork, every paycheck will be sent to direct deposit.