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Information and resources for job searching

Job Search Process

Finding and applying for jobs doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming. This guide can help guide you through the job search process with many resources.

This is how finding and acquiring employment generally works:

  • Search for job positions & careers of interest
  • Find positions you want to apply to
  • Write down what specifics each job asks for you to include. These are usually a resume and a cover letter. Sometimes it can include professional references, a portfolio, and/or an artist statement.
  • Apply to the job with all the specific requirements/documents included.
  • Wait to hear for an interview or rejection.
  • If you receive an interview (yay!) prepare for it.
  • Sometimes there may be a couple rounds of interviews, which get progressively more specific and intensive. Make sure to prepare for all of these interviews.
  • Get a job!

Do not become disappointed if you get all rejections or do not hear back positively after an interview. Think of the process instead as practice to nail the position & interview that is perfect for you that will come your way!

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