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This guide is made to help educate you on how to protect yourself and your artistic work.


Copyright and Fair Use are complicated issues for artists. There are many gray areas surrounding how artists use reference material, work made for hire, selling your work, and contracts. This guide is made to help educate you on how to protect yourself and your work. There are online resources, print books, and associations available.

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Copyright Complience

Copyright Compliance

The Academy encourages all students, faculty, and staff to engage in safe and legally compliant sharing of copyrighted materials. Downloading or sharing copyrighted material (such as music and videos) can be illegal if done without the permission of the copyright owner whether you profit from it or not.

You are responsible for any digital copyright violations associated with your computer and network access if you give others permission to use them.

Copyright Websites

Fair Use Websites

Books Available In The Library

Copyright pamphlets available at the library desk.