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Resources for COM 101 Class

COM 101

Helpful information and resources to help you with COM 101

Helpful Databases

Credo Online Reference Database

Multi-Disciplinary Databases (many subjects together)

Art-Specific Databases

If you need the LIRN databases login and password information, email librarian@aaart.edu

Search Skills

A quick video tutorial on how to search library databases from Yavapai College Library.

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating sources is important because you want to use accurate information and have reliability as a student and a scholar.

Even in everyday life, understanding how to evaluate information will help you to be well-informed and look beyond the sensationalism that is often present online.

Take a look at the Evaluating Websites page for tips on learning how to assess sources.

Why Does Fact Checking Matter?

An informative video created by a Swedish newspaper, Metro Sverige, Swedish fact checker, Viralgranskaren, and the Internet Foundation in Sweden.

Research and Citations

Use the research process as a "roadmap" for planning how to tackle your project or paper. Plan out a timeline of what should be achieved so that you don't procrastinate.

Plagiarism and Copyright Information

Need Help? Contact your Librarian!

Whether you need help using one of our services, have a reference question, or anything else library-related - contact your librarian! 

Email:  Librarian@aaart.edu

Phone: 312-697-3149