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Research and Citations

Use the research process as a "roadmap" for planning how to tackle your project or paper. Plan out a timeline of what should be achieved so that you don't procrastinate.

Helpful Databases

Credo Online Reference Database

Multi-Disciplinary Databases (many subjects together)

Art Databases

Plagiarism and Copyright Information

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating sources is important so that you are using accurate information and have reliability as a student and a scholar. Even in everyday life, understanding how to evaluate information will help you to be well informed and look beyond the sensationalism that is often present online.

Remember the CRAAP method from the presentation and in-class activity. (Adapted from the Benedictine University Library Research Guide).

C - Currency: When was this information published/posted? Has it been updated? Do I need a current or historical perspective?

R - Relevance: Does this information help me with my topic or answer a question I had? 

A - Authority: Who is the author/poster? What are their credentials, expertise, and/or background? What is the URL?

A - Accuracy: Where does this information come from? Are claims supported by evidence? Are there sources cited? Has the information been reviewed by other people in the field? Is the grammar and spelling free of error?

P - Purpose: What is the purpose of this information? To inform, to sell, to teach, to entertain? Are there biases?

Always use CRAAP to see if something is crap or is accurate and provides evidence for its claims.


Evaluating sources is part of what librarians call "information literacy". Having information literacy is essential because of the amount of information that people can create and access.

Why Does It Matter?

An informative video created by a Swedish newspaper, Metro Sverige, Swedish fact checker, Viralgranskaren, and the Internet Foundation in Sweden.

Search Skills

A quick video tutorial on how to search library databases from Yavapai College Library.

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