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COM 101: Art Research Resources

Resources for COM 101 Class

Search the Irving Shapiro Library for...


  You can also search for books from the Library's Catalog page

Use our Database List 

  • This is the list of all the academic databases that the library has access to
  • Databases contain scholarly journals & magazines, eBooks, and more
  • Search Tip: Select "Alphabetical View" from the top-left menu

Library Databases

Use the library's databases when you want to search specifically for scholarly articles:

Credo Online Reference Database

Multi-Disciplinary Databases (many subjects together)

Art-Specific Databases

If you need the LIRN databases login and password information, email librarian@aaart.edu

General Art Information Resources

Resources from around the web for learning more about artists and art history:

Google Search Tips

Having trouble finding relevant results on Google? Try these search tips:

" " 

Search for an exact match

  • When you use quotation marks, you are telling Google to search the words between the quotation marks exactly how they appear 
  • Search Tip: Finding too much information when you type an artist into Google? Using quotation marks around the artist’s name can help narrow the number of results, as can adding keywords outside the quotation marks.

"Romantic symbolism"

"to be or not to be"

“Claude Monet”

“Claude Monet” watercolor

“Claude Monet” artist


Narrow search results to a specific type of website

  • Use the operator site: in your search to narrow your search to a specific type of websites such as .org, .gov, .edu, etc.

claude monet site:.edu                                                


Exclude certain words from your search results

  • Put - in front of a word you want to leave out

football -soccer