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Writing Resource Center: About the WRC

The mission of the Writing Resource Center at the American Academy of Art is to promote student success by supporting students in their pursuit of their academic goals.

About the Writing Resource Center

The goals of the WRC are to help students become more independent, confident, and stronger writers. The WRC aims to assist students in all steps of the writing process so that they are able to think critically about their own writing. The WRC offers individual and group support with hands-on instruction from the peer tutor and/or the librarian including:

  • MLA/Citation help
  • Paraphrasing
  • Sentence structure/grammar
  • Paragraph/essay organization
  • Artist statements
  • Research assignments
  • Professional Correspondence – cover letters, resumes, etc
  • Polishing

We can provide help with all steps of the writing process and assist with any projects beyond writing such as presentations and artist statements.

Questions? Email

Policies & Procedures

Students: General Policy

  1. Attend all classes and prepare sufficiently.
  2. Think of your tutor as a resource person. Be open to their suggestions regarding your study of and approach to the course.
  3. The goal of tutoring is for the student to become independent as quickly as possible. Please keep this in mind – the tutor is there to help, not do all the work for you.
  4. You must be willing to work independently after a tutor has gone over a concept with you.
  5. Make an appointment online and upload your writing file whenever possible. This allows the tutor to read the paper ahead of your appointment time. If you do not upload a file of your writing, â€‹come prepared with a draft or outline of the assignment along with the syllabus and/or assignment sheet.
  6. Students should not wait until the last minute for tutoring. Start coming for help early in the semester.

Students: In-Person Appointment & Walk-Ins

  1. You must sign in each time you arrive for tutoring. Your signature acknowledges your agreement to abide by these guidelines.
  2. Mark the sections you do not understand and prepare specific questions for the tutor.
  3. Come prepared with a draft or outline of the assignment along with the syllabus and/or assignment sheet.

Students: Online Appointment

  1. Students must use Google Docs and have their writing prepared in Docs before making an online appointment. The online appointment form will ask you for the Google Docs link. You must provide a link to your Doc in this form. AND, you must give the following email address full access (including editing and chat) to your Google Doc:
    1. Not providing the Google Doc link or giving access to your Doc ahead of the appointment time will cause your appointment to be canceled.
  2. Please remember that like face-to-face tutoring sessions, online tutoring is not about editing and proofreading. Our goal is to make you your own best editor and proofreader. The tutor will be using the “Chat” function in Google Docs to conduct the appointment, not the editing functions. You are encouraged to edit and change your own paper in Google Docs as you talk with the peer tutor, but they will not be editing your paper for you.
  3. Students using the WRC’s online appointments are expected to have the same level of respect for their peer tutors as they would have in a face to face session. Please show your tutor respect by showing up in the Google Doc to your appointment on time Please use professional language.
    1. Any student found harassing or being unprofessional to a peer tutor will have their appointment terminated immediately. In addition, the incident will be logged and reported. Depending on the circumstances, the student may have their future WRC privileges revoked.
  4. Fill out the appointment information as clearly and thoroughly as possible.
  5. A copy of your chat log and paper will be kept on file for the rest of the semester at the WRC.
  6. All other WRC policies and procedures, available at: apply. When you make an appointment online, this counts as your signature acknowledging your agreement to abide by these guidelines.


If you have a writing component to your class (no matter how big or small), please send your assignment instructions to

This will allow our peer tutors to read through the assignment beforehand and better help students.