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Writing Resource Center: Artist Statement

The mission of the Writing Resource Center at the American Academy of Art is to promote student success by supporting students in their pursuit of their academic goals.

Writing Resource Center

The Writing Resource Center (WRC) is a fantastic service that is available to help students improve their writing, including Artist Statements.

Our peer tutors can help you with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other editing. They can also help you brainstorm if you get stuck and give you feedback on how your artist statement sounds.

You can drop by the WRC any time it's open or you can make an appointment online.


Artist Statement Presentation

Artist Statements

  • Understand what the statement will be used for. Is it about your general work, a specific project or series, a biography, or an explanation of a specific piece?
  • Avoid:
    • Empty expressions and cliches
    • Too many wordy and meaningless sentences or too much technical vocabulary
    • Over-explaining
    • Talking too much about your process or materials
    • Telling stories about yourself or your personal background unless it’s very relevant to your work
    • Bragging
    • Redundancy
  • Ask yourself a lot of questions about your work and why you do what you do.
  • Write in first person and try not to exceed one page. It’s not a dissertation.
  • Be honest!
  • For more info check out our very own library website and don’t hesitate to ask your professors!  Most, if not all of them, have written one themselves!

Recommended Material

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