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Quantitative Literacy (MTH 101) - Windham: Library Help - Census Information

Class page for MTH 101

How to Use Census Data in a Business Plan

Presentation from Class

How to Use Census Websites

U.S. Census Bureau

Using QuickFacts

  1. Click on table, chart, or map to see the information in different formats.
  2. Enter zip code of chosen area (population of 5,000 or more) and select a fact.
  3. Click on "More" to download or link to the data. "CSV" will download the data into an Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Searching multiple zip codes will allow you to add cities/townies together. Click on "Table" to see all the data together. You can delete the towns you don't want by clicking the X next to their name.

CMAP Illinois

CMAP can only be used to study cities and towns in Illinois, not Indiana.

  1. Click on the map to choose a county or municipality, or scroll down to see the full list and select from there.
  2. A PDF will open with all Community Snapshot data for your chosen county or municipality.
  3. Not sure what county/municipality your chosen zip code is in? Use Google maps!

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