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AI Art Sells for $432,500

A Painting Made by Artificial Intelligence Has Been Sold at Auction for $432,500 - TIME

"In place of a signature, the blurry portrait is signed with the equation used to generate the painting. The process involved feeding the algorithm a set of paintings, and having it generate an image based on the difference between its own work and the original."

AI Art in the News

A Museum Temporarily Swapped a Masterpiece With AI Art and Chaos Ensued

  • The Mauritshuis Museum in the Netherlands is facing scrutiny for selecting an AI copy of Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl painting while it is on loan in Amsterdam. (GIZMODO, March 2023)

The world's first AI art gallery opens in Amsterdam

  • The very first Artificial Intelligence art gallery in the world has opened at the Dead End Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It features works created by machines and algorithms, including digital paintings and interactive installations. (Euronews, March 2023)

Artists Voice Concerns Over The Signatures In Viral LensaAI Portraits

  • However, artists who have been suspicious of the use of AI image generators became concerned when they saw what looked like signatures scrawled in the corners of many of these AI portraits. Some artists contend that this could prove that LensaAI was stealing work that had included the watermarks or signatures that artists use to prevent theft. (ARTnews, December 2022)


AI Art’s Impact is Real

Puffer coat pope is fake, but the AI art’s impact is real

Pope Francis, but make it fashion. A person playing around with Midjourney, the AI art program, went viral over the weekend for creating an image of the pope wearing a coat that could have been pulled off a Balenciaga runway. The image went viral, not because it was so unrealistically absurd, but because it was believable. The pope does have drip, but just not exactly like this.


The Complex World of Style, Copyright, and Generative AI

  • Concerns about devaluing the works created by human artists are important considerations — but are there problems that copyright law can and should fix? That is, can and should artists be able to claim copyright protection over the general style and feeling of their works, as opposed to the specific design elements expressed in their specific works?

US Copyright Office: AI Generated Works Are Not Eligible for Copyright

  • ...copyright only protects creations made by humans, will be the guiding principle for future judgements of the registration of works. When evaluating a work submitted for registration, copyright officials will be tasked with judging if the original choices executed in a work were produced by a human mind or produced mechanically. Some cases are simpler than others. For example, entering a text prompt into an image generator does not qualify as an act of authorship, as the Office likens the prompt to “instructions for a commissioned artist”. While that case appears clear, others are likely to require more thought. (ARTnews, March 2023)

Getty Images Bans AI-Generated Images Due To Copyright Worries

  • The concern over copyright is not unfounded. AI image generators scrape publicly available pictures from across the web to train their algorithms and to sample them when producing new imagery. Those images are often copyrighted ones that come from news sites or even stock photo sites like Getty. (ARTnews, March 2023)

Getty Images Sues Stability AI Over Photos Used to Train Stable Diffusion Image Generator

  • Getty Images has filed a lawsuit against artificial intelligence company Stability AI Inc., accusing it of “brazen infringement” in using more than 12 million photographs from the stock image company’s collection to train its artificial intelligence image generator Stable Diffusion.(ARTnews, February 2023)