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March of the Robots: Home

Information for the March drawing challenge, "March of the Robots".

What is March of Robots?

Artists around the world celebrate their love of all things robotic during MARCH of ROBOTS, a drawing challenge similar to Inktober!
The goal is to draw a new robot illustration each day for 31 days in March. If you feel you're up to the full 31 day challenge, awesome! If not, no worries. Just set yourself a goal and stick with it.

Find more information about the challenge at the official website, March of Robots.

The Irving Shapiro Library has a bunch of great resources for March of Robots, including a club where you can come every weekday to draw your robots, get inspiration and support, and learn more about the challenge!

Event Calendar

Monday, March 2nd (1:05-1:35), Library

March of Robots Kick-Off Event

Come and learn about the drawing challenge! Get resources and more information, including how you can join our exclusive pizza party at the beginning of April!

Thursday, April 2nd (1:05-1:35), Gallery

March of Robots Pizza Party!

Only those who participated in March of Robots are eligible for this exclusive pizza party!

Books Available for Check Out

Feel free to check out any of these books for drawing tutorials and inspiration as you create your robots! We also have many magazines available to use in the library, including ImagineFX. You can find these books on the March of Robots display near the printer.

Google Doc Link

The Google Doc is a resource for Academy students who participate in the March of Robots challenge. It includes helpful information, such as the rules, inspirational resources, tips & tricks, and a safe brainstorming space. If you decide you want to participate and want your artwork shown in the window display, make sure to sign up on the Google Doc under "Participants".

Official Prompt List

You are not required to use these prompts, but they can be fun and help with inspiration! If you do use a prompt, make sure to include the keyword as a hashtag when you post on Instagram.

Contest Information

If you choose to participate in the official competition, you also have the chance to win a Wacom Intuos Pro small tablet and Clip Studio EX! Make sure to hashtag appropriately and post your drawing to Instagram! More on that specific process can be found on the March of Robots.

It’s also a random drawing, so it’s not a contest based on artistic skill.

The Three Rules of Robotic Fun

1. Drawings can be digital or traditional, but they must be drawn by you and they have to be a robot or depict a scene featuring a robot.

2. Hashtag your drawings with #marchofrobots and #marchofrobots2020, then post to Instagram and any other social spot you like.

3. Have fun!!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Mac Carey who spent many hours preparing the Google Doc and finding a ton of resources!