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Here are the library's hours

Library Hours

Monday to Thursday

7:45 AM  - 4:15 PM

Summer Library Hours

Monday - Thursday: 7:45 - 4 

Friday: Closed

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Access our Database List.

  • This is the list of all the academic databases that the library has access to
  • Databases contain scholarly journals & magazines, eBooks, and more
  • If you need help navigating the databases, contact the librarian at librarian@aaart.edu or stop by the library!
  • Need the Login/Password information? Email librarian@aaart.edu

For Faculty: Remote Instruction Resources

These web resources are additional ways to learn about and support remote instruction:

How Do I Use the Library?

Here's some information on how to use the Library:

Library Rules

Guidelines for student conduct in the library.

  • All library materials must be checked out at the library desk. All library materials must be returned to the black box on the library desk for check-in.
  • Library materials that are marked Reference cannot be checked out or removed from the library. This includes textbooks and magazines.
  • Please be courteous when using cell phones and personal music devices.
  • Please do not eat while using library computers or reading library materials. Any mess made by food is the patrons’ responsibility. All beverages must be in a closed container.
  • Computer use is limited to school-related work while others are waiting.
  • Do not save your files on the library computers or on the flash drives. Files on computers are deleted without notice. Files on flash drives are deleted before check-in is completed.
  • Please be respectful to your colleagues who are studying or writing papers and keep voices at a normal level.

Circulation Policies

Patron Access

All students, staff, and faculty of American Academy of Art have access to the library and are granted borrowing privileges. An Irving Shapiro Library card must be presented to borrow materials.

Loan Periods

  Students Faculty & Staff
Books (Regular Collection) 2 weeks. May be renewed twice. 4 weeks. May be renewed twice.
Popular Reading Books 4 weeks. May be renewed twice. 4 weeks. May be renewed twice.
Reference Books In-library use only Overnight. Due next day.
Textbooks & Periodicals In-library use only Overnight. Due next day.
Stock Books 2 weeks. May be renewed twice. 4 weeks. May be renewed twice.
Equipment (flash drives) Overnight. Due next day. Cannot check out on Thursdays. Overnight. Due next day. Cannot check out on Thursdays.
DVDs & CDs 1 week. May be renewed once. 1 week. May be renewed once.

Overdue Fines
Overdue fines are $0.10 per day per item, except for equipment/flash drives and DVDs/CDs, which is $0.50 per day per item. Overdue fines are not to exceed the cost of the item.

Items acquired through Inter-Library Loan have an overdue fee of $1.00/day. Patrons may request that items be renewed, but renewal is subject to the lending library's policies and is not guaranteed for any item.

For lost or damaged items, the fee will be the replacement cost of the item. A $10.00 processing fee will be applied to each item that has to be reordered.

Library fines must be paid in full at the end of each semester. Failure to do so will result in suspension of library privileges and schedules or transcripts held.

Any documents left on a flash drive will be deleted before check-in is completed.

Donations To Our Collection

Donations to our collection are always welcome! The librarian will assess the topic, scope, and age of the materials donated to determine if it will be a helpful and relevant source to add to our collection. Those who choose to donate are donating their materials with the understanding that not all of the donated materials may make it into our collection. The librarian reserves the right to retain or discard any donated materials. A nameplate with a recognition of your generous donation can be included in each material that will be added to the collection. Please let the librarian know if you would like this to be included.

Course Reserves Policy

General Policies/Procedures

  • Please allow two (2) working days for items to be placed on reserve. Requests for reserve materials will be processed in the order in which they are received.
  • Reserve Request forms must be submitted. They are available online (available in .pdf or .doc format).
  • Only those items that contain required readings may be placed on reserve.
  • Items from other libraries cannot be placed on reserve.
  • Materials owned by instructors will be accepted for reserve use. However, the library cannot be held responsible for the return of instructors’ materials or for their condition at the time of return.


  • Books owned by the library may be placed on course reserve. They will be shelved with the reference textbook collection.
  • Placing library books on course reserve does not limit their use to students in that course. It only limits the items to in-library use. Books on course reserve may not be checked out.


  • The library will accept for reserve photocopied material that is in accordance with the following guidelines. Photocopied material will be kept in binders and shelved in the textbook area.
  • Only materials not owned by the Irving Shapiro library may be photocopied and placed on reserve. Photocopies must be obtained legally.
  • The library is obligated to provide hard copy whenever possible. Please check with the librarian before making photocopies for reserve readings—we may already own the original or be able to purchase it.
  • In order for photocopied materials to be placed on course reserve, written permission must be obtained from the copyright holder. Obtaining permission to copy is the responsibility of the instructor, and a copy of the permission letter must be on file in the library. See Obtaining Permissions below for more information on requesting copyright permission.
  • Faculty must provide photocopies to the library.
  • Only one copy of any article or excerpt may be placed on reserve.
  • Each photocopy must contain a legible notice of copyright that includes the title of the book, copyright owner, and date of publication. For book chapters, each item should include a photocopy of the title page and verso. For journal articles, indicate the journal title, issue number, date, and copyright holder’s name.
  • There shall be no copying of or from works intended to be “consumable” in the course of study or teaching. These include workbooks, exercises, standardized tests, test booklets, or answer sheets.
  • Copies of articles available through the library databases will not be placed on reserve. Instead, links to the electronic versions will be made from the library website.
  • All photocopies are for library use only and may not be checked out.

Electronic Reserves

The library cannot post scanned articles or excerpts to the library website. However, the librarian will create course materials pages on the library website with links to material on the free Web or articles in the library's subscription databases. Please consult the librarian for more information.

Obtaining Permission

Copyright permissions are generally handled by the publisher of the work (listed on the title page or copyright statement). If the address of the publisher does not appear at the front of the material, the librarian can help you find the address.

Many publishers now accept permissions requests electronically. This may also allow for faster processing. Check the publisher’s website or visit the Copyright Clearance Center, which handles permissions requests for many publications, particularly periodicals.

In order to expedite the process, it is recommended that the following information be included in a permission request letter:

  • Title, author and/or editor, and edition of materials to be duplicated
  • Exact material to be used, including amount, page numbers, chapters, and, if possible, a photocopy of the material
  • Number of copies to be made
  • Use to be made of duplicated materials
  • Form of distribution (classroom, reserve, etc.)
  • Whether or not the material is to be sold
  • Type of reprint (photocopy, etc.)

Hard-copy requests should be sent, together with a self-addressed return envelope, to the permissions department of the publisher in question.

Sample permissions request letters are available online or via the librarian.

The process of granting permission requires time for the publisher to check the status of the copyright and to evaluate the nature of the request. In some cases, the publisher may assess a fee for the permission. Permission fees are the instructor’s responsibility.

Library Services

Reference Assistance

Whether you're looking for sources for a research assignment, reference images for a studio project, a list of local art museums, or anything in between, the library is here to satisfy your information needs. Stop by the library desk, or email us. Reference consultations with the librarian are also available by appointment.

Interlibrary Loan

Can't find the book you're looking for in our online catalog? Need an article that's not available in full text from one of our databases? American Academy of Art students, faculty, and staff may request to borrow items from outside libraries. Simply bring the book or article citation to the library. Please allow 2 weeks for interlibrary loan requests.

Citation Help

 Looking for answers to your citation questions? The Writing Resource Center is available to all students.


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Phone: 312-697-3149

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