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A-Con 2020: Home

Use this hub to find out information about ACON!


This website is meant to inform members of the American Academy of Art community about A-Con. It also acts as a tool to assist those participating in A-Con in finding resources and information about the event.

What is A-Con?

A-Con is an event attended by all faculty members as well as students, alumni, and employers. The goal of A-Con is to provide the campus community the opportunity to discuss and evaluate student learning at our institution.

The Academy’s annual A-Con event was established by The Committee for Academic and Professional Excellence (C.A.P.E.), which was formed as part of the Academy's participation in the Higher Learning Commission’s Assessment Academy. C.A.P.E. has evolved along with A-Con and now has the expanded responsibility of overseeing the Academy's program review and assessment of student learning activities.

Contact Information

Have a question or problem? Contact Kristin Mount or Duncan Webb.

A-Con Date Change

For the past seven years, the American Academy of Art's assessment day, or A-Con, has taken place in early April. Beginning this year, however, A-Con will take place on the Wednesday of Portfolio Week. The morning session will include portfolio presentations and evaluations. All AAA students are welcome to the portfolio presentations. Wednesday afternoon will be reserved for A-Con roundtable discussions and will be attended by faculty and A-Con guests only. Day 2 of A-Con will not take place during portfolio week.

For All Current Students

A-Con 2020 is scheduled for Wednesday, April 22nd, during portfolio week.

The portfolio presentations are open to all students. However, you will need to register as a student observer or discussion participant if you have been asked to participate in A-Con 2020, including evaluating portfolio presentations and participating in the afternoon sessions. If you have signed up as a student evaluator or discussion participant, click on the "Student Observers & Discussion Participants" tab for more information.

If you missed the opportunity to participate this year, we look forward to seeing you at A-Con 2021!