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Helpful Writing and Research Tips

As you research:

Record the author, title, publisher, and publication date of your sources

When you take notes, be sure to record the page number where you found the information

If you copy exact text into your notes, specify that it’s quoted material

As you write: 

When you paraphrase, close the book and write the idea in your own words.

Then check it against the original.

Consider giving credit to the author at the beginning of the sentence (eg, “According to Sturken and Cartwright…”)

If the original source uses a word or phrase that you think is necessary to convey the idea, put it in quotation marks and include a citation

As you proofread:

Make sure that all material (quoted or paraphrased ) from outside sources is cited in the body of your paper and on the Works Cited page

Check any direct quotations against the original source

Verify that paraphrased information doesn’t borrow key words or sentence structure from the original source


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