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Helpful Writing and Research Tips

As you research:

Record the author, title, publisher, and publication date of your sources 

When you take notes, be sure to record the page number where you found the information 

If you copy exact text into your notes, specify that it’s quoted material

As you write: 

When you paraphrase, close the book and write the idea in your own words.

Then check it against the original. 

Consider giving credit to the author at the beginning the sentence (eg, “According to Sturken and Cartwright…”) 

If the original source uses a word or phrase that you think is necessary to convey the idea, put it in quotation marks and include a citation

As you proofread:

Make sure that all material (quoted or paraphrased ) from outside sources is cited in the body of your paper and on the Works Cited page 

Check any direct quotations against the original source

 Verify that paraphrased information doesn’t borrow key words or sentence structure from the original source



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